A.M. Cortez


I couldn't choose between becoming Indiana Jones or a random band promoter in Tokyo, so I decided to take up Anthropology in uni. And then I fancied earning a degree from the University of London cos I thought it sounded cool so I signed up for distance learning in International Relations. But then every early morning before I sleep I think about working in a museum, only to wake up realizing that I just want to travel around the world. Preferably while hosting a food travel show.

Despite all the academic readings and paper writing that I'm burdened with as a student I still find time to waste my life on Youtube for hours on end. When not eating out or watching a movie in theaters I sit infront of the computer watching j-doramas and editing weekly online radioshows I run with a friend ( or

In between all those things I like to take photos of obscure moments I want other people to feel, travel and couchsurf at strangers' houses, look at Time's the week in pictures, watch reality make-over shows, read Douglas Coupland novels, dance to dancey songs in indie/electro and cook yakisoba.